T20 Skills Sets

Friday - 14:00pm to 15:30pm (11 - 19 Years of Age)

The T20 game has evolved at an enormous speed over the past 10 years. The skils seen by the best players in the world are extraordinary, with innovation and incredible skill being at the heart of their game.  

Our T20 Skill Sets aim to allow you to develop many of these innovative, modern skills and allow you to elevate your individual game to a completely new level, at the same time, being able to use these new and dynamic skills in order to dominate game situations.

Whether you are a young player learning the game or a more experienced player who wants to add a different dimension to their game, this programme is for you.

The sessions fall into line with the underlying principles of the Rajasthan Royals 1st team squad and will undoubtedly add significant value to your game.